According to Austrian Law: § 5 ECG, § 25 MedienG and § 14 UGB

Company name:


Corporate purpose:

Development and operation of digital business models including production and trade of medical devices, limited to medical device software

Commercial register court:

LG Korneuburg

Commercial register number:

FN 488003 b

Membership Commercial Chamber

Commercial Chamber Lower Austria (WKO Niederösterreich)

Regulatory Authority:

Bezirkshauptmannschaft Tulln, Niederösterreich

Applicable legislation and access to it:

Commercial Code (Gewerbeordnung)

VAT number:


Bank account:

Bank Austria, IBAN: AT66 1200 0100 2356 8578, BIC: BKAUATWW

Registered office and address:

Am Renninger 8, 3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria



General Manager:

Mag. Daniel Amann, DI Bernhard Redl

Information on data protection:

See Privacy statement

Information Security Policy

Information security is the focus of our company! Download our information security policy

Information on minimum technical requirements:

Minimum desktop browser version or higher: Google Chrome 75, Mozilla Firefox 68.8, Microsoft Edge 80, Safari 11.
Minimum mobile browser version or higher: Google Chrome 83 (Android), Safari 12 (iOS).
Minimum operational system or higher using app: Android 10 or iOS 12.1.

Information on medical devices:

Responsible authority: BASG – Bundesamt für Sicherheit im Gesundheitswesen

For questions or problems please contact (Bernhard Redl, Security Officer)

Intended use of the therapy program

The psychoeducation learning modules developed by®️ are aimed at patients suffering from unipolar depression and are based on elements of cognitive behavioural therapy with the aim of

1. the reduction of depressive symptoms,
2. the improvement of the course of the illness of depressive patients,
3. the improvement of the functional level of depressive patients,
4. improving treatment adherence,
5. Improving the remission rates of depressed patients,
6. reducing the risk of relapse in mild to moderate depressed patients,
7. preventive effects in people with low symptom severity.

Intended use of the mood chart

The®️ mood chart helps patients and their doctors / therapists:

In recognising correlations: through the visual representation of affective episodes and moods as well as disease-relevant factors such as medication changes, life events, psychotherapy, positive activities, the patient and their doctor / therapist recognise the connections between symptoms and triggering environmental factors or therapeutic effects.

In achieving an optimal treatment outcome: By the patient sharing their individual mood chart with their doctor or psychotherapist, a comprehensive picture emerges for the practitioner as they gain a better overview of the development of symptoms between therapy sessions or follow-up visits. This provides both the patient and the practitioner with important information that may influence important diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.

Documentation and recognition of early symptoms: The continuous recording of affective symptoms sensitises the patient and therapist to possible changes in the course of the disease, so that early recognition is more likely to be possible and thus supports rapid therapeutic intervention.

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Our vision at® is to create a place, where all depressed people feel they are in good hands - empowering them to beat depression!

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