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The Effects of® – Psychoeducation

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Improve symptoms

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Reduce further depressive episodes

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Identify your disease patterns® has a positive effect on the depression prognosis, managing the illness, the course of the illness and treatment success;

In concrete terms, this means up to a 50% reduction in the probability of a recurrence, less depression symptoms and better quality of life for those affected;® psychoeducation increases motivation and initiates behavioral changes in those affected by the illness.

Psychoeducation – what is that?

Psychoeducation provides you with knowledge about your illness and consequently aims to make you an expert in your own illness. This means that they will recognize connections and initiate changes in behavior.®
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Get access to 20 units over 30 hours of Information and playful learning.

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Get practical suggestions and tips on how to better manage your everyday life.
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Take a variety of tests such as the PHQ9 Depression Test, the N-Back or Stroop Test.
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Learn playfully – with quizzes, competitions, badges and certificates.
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Complete® in a group.
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Share your reports with whom and as often as you want. Speak with your family or friends about your illness.
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Receive notifications and find joy in learing with other patients.
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Use our valuable learning material created especially for you.
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All learning content is based on evidence-based medical knowledge and has been developed by a multidisciplinary team.
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Create transparency abbout your illness – create your own patient portfolio with many reports.
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Work with charts and reports – create clarity for yourself and your depression practitioner.
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Invite your practitioner to® and work together on your recovery.
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Use our daily recommendations to support your recovery.

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Our vision at® is to create a place, where all depressed people feel they are in good hands - empowering them to beat depression!

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