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In difficult times it is especially important to take care of mental health of your employees.
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Advantages For Companies

✔ Cost-efficient option of preventive care management.
✔ Ensure your duty of care towards your employees.
✔ Reduction of sick leave days by recognizing early symptoms.
✔ Program tailored to your company.
✔ Possibility to integrate other preventive care topics.
✔ Software as a service – easy to integrate.
✔ ISO 27.000 and DSGV conformity.


Benefits For Employees

✔ Free prevention for depression & burnout.
✔ Better stress management professionally and privately.
✔ Get to know resilience mechanisms better.
✔ Many different exercises and diverse training units.
✔ Early recognition of possible symptoms.
✔ Low-threshold offer of self-help.
✔ Easy and accessible around the clock.
✔ Absolutely anonymous – guaranteed.

Psychiatrists and Psychologists on that topic

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Prof. Dr. Lukas Pezawas

Especially in difficult times, low-threshold offers in the field of mental health are particularly important.
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Lilli Mahdelik

Help for self-help, available around the clock – these are prevention products of the future.
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Bernhard Meyer

We tailor the program specifically to your company. Set priorities together with us.

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