Support your patients with digital therapy of edupression

Our therapy units for patients suffering from unipolar depression are based on elements of cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Two CE labeled
medical devices of class 1

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Supported by the Austrian
Research Promotion Agency

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Personal data

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Developed by psychiatrists
and psychologists


With experts from the Medical University of Vienna

We help you to keep the overview

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Objective patient reports

Get valuable information from your patients/clients between therapy sessions.
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Evidence-based psychoeducation

Discuss content from® with your patients/clients in your therapy sessions to reinforce knowledge about the disease.

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Therapy decisions together

Make decisions together with your patients/clients based on comprehensive reports and diagrams.

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Completely free of charge

For you, registration and use of the platform is completely free of charge.

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Track the development

Track the progress of your patients/clients in your personal cockpit.

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Therapy units and exercises

Use our professional content with playful elements to strengthen therapy adherence.

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Up to 50% reduction in the probability of a recurrence.

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Recognize patterns and initiate changes.

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Become an expert in your illness.

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Less depression symptoms.

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Practical recommendations & tips.

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Better quality of life.

This is how it works, easy as 1 2 3

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Register, create profile and view objectified patient reports

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Boost the effectiveness of your therapy with our evidence-based, interactive therapy units.

59 interactive, multimedia therapy units, videos, and quizzes.

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27 exercises to help your patients/clients learn to manage everyday life.

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15 different mood charts, interactive reports and questionnaires.

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Your overview to monitor your patients' progress, view reports and establish a baseline for further therapy steps.

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What our professionals say


I was searching for a long time to find a digital medical device in the field of depression that meets my expectations.

Dr. Harsha Buksh

Psychiatrist,® strengthens my therapy.


The content is very informative and practical and there are great recommendations for patients. Now I am able to monitor my patients progress even in between two therapy sessions

Emmalynn Mazzia

Psychologist, Now I can monitor the progress of my clients between two therapy sessions.

stars® offers my patients high quality content – exiting, informative and evidence-based: They love it!

Dr. Beth Murphy

Psychiatrist, My patients love edupression.

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Our vision at® is to create a place, where all depressed people feel they are in good hands - empowering them to beat depression!

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