Safety instructions® is a web application, i.e. you use a browser to be able to use the program. You only need the access data and can log in. In principle, no data from the application will be stored on your device, unless you download reports or documents as pdf.

Use of passwords:

Use the password only for® and not for other applications, it should be at least 8 characters long (NIST), preferably no linguistic terms

Log out best after using the application, especially this is true when using on other people’s devices.

Never share passwords with someone else. We never ask you for them!

Be careful when using foreign devices

Never use unknown USB sticks

Be especially careful when working on foreign devices

If possible, do not use® from internet cafes or the like

When using the browser, pay attention to the further installed plug-ins

After use, log out of the applications and delete the history or all downloaded documents. Also empty the recycle bin.

Pay attention to updates

If possible, always perform updates (operating system, browser, app…).

Install a common security suite

Install and activate common antivirus programs e.g. MS Defender integrated in Windows

Use the operating system on devices only with accounts without admin privileges e.g. in Windows

Status: November 03, 2021

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Our vision at® is to create a place, where all depressed people feel they are in good hands - empowering them to beat depression!

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