The first step in finding your way out of depression is one of the most difficult for many sufferers: allowing and accepting a diagnosis of depression. The difficulty in accepting this disease has several understandable causes.

Often, the symptoms experienced are not associated with depression. Physical pain, irritability and fatigue are phenomena that are not necessarily associated with a depressive episode. Another reason why many patients try to differentiate themselves from this diagnosis for as long as possible, is their inexperience with the subject of “mental illness”. Each of us has often had colds, fallen victim to one or the other intestinal virus and has survived minor falls and accidents.

But perhaps you have never been mentally ill. Mental instability is associated with extremely unpleasant images that are threatening and frightening. That is why depression is still a social taboo today. It is surprising that one in four people suffer from this disease once in a lifetime. Those who accept the diagnosis, take it seriously and work together with depression specialists, will quickly realize that this disease has been well researched and can be treated successfully. There is a lot of knowledge about effective drug and psychological therapies. This knowledge can calm you down and, above all, lead you on the right path – out of depression.

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If you are willing to take this first step, you will find a lot of support from science, the medical care system, various depression experts and also from Scientific studies have proven that these supportive factors can help you to overcome depression. In addition to medication, this also includes certain forms of psychotherapy, activation programs and exercise. The more you know about depression, the sooner you will choose the right therapy, find the right depression specialist, experience a successful treatment response and return to your old self.

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of neurology – a world that needs to be brought back into balance in the event of depression. Learn to recognize symptoms of depression and how to deal with them properly. We will introduce you to diagnostic criteria and the different severity levels of depression, as well as scientifically proven therapy options that you can implement immediately. Get to know the different phases of treatment and which depression specialist is suitable for which therapy intensity. Strengthen your inner balance, calmness and concentration with a variety of therapeutically effective exercises.

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